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Glassart uk ltd is a family run glass merchant , manufacturing and delivering glass sealed units certified to British Standards EN1279-2/3 all around the Mansfield,Nottinghamshire,Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area on a daily basis.

Based in Huthwaite, Sutton in Ashfield near Mansfield, we have quick access to all major routes and are very accessible to all customers and the general public. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to design and manufacture stained glass and bespoke products to a customers specification and achieve a high standard of quality.

From Stained glass to Sandblasting and Bevelled glass, Glassart can work closely with the customer to achieve the desired results.

Combining the above products with our energy saving glass from Pilkington's & Saint Gobain plus warm edge spacer bar and argon gas, standard and decorative window ratings of A,B and C can be achieved.
Glassart Uk Ltd
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Tel :- 01623 554266 Fax :-01623 554406
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